Barry Irvin, Chair of Bega Cheese

In Australia, I have participated in many forums related to Asia. What I regret was that I can find few Asian people at most forums. Australia China Entrepreneurs Dialogue, where I have seen dozens of Chinese entrepreneurs present, is the real platform for Australia China exchange.

Paul Ford, chair of Agribusiness Gippsland

I am grateful that I have been able to present Gippsland investment opportunities at the “Australia Agri-Food Innovation Summit. The feedback we have received is very positive, bringing many further opportunities. I am delighted that I have been able to exchange ideas with colleagues in dairy industry, CSIRO and have met contacts from other agricultural regions.

Timothy Burrow, CEO of Agribusiness Australia

I have participated in numerous forums and summits. It is rare to see a summit like this – from morning to evening, the venue has been filled with participants.

Yansen Zhang, Chairperson, Tianjin TNT Group and Gobelieve Group

We have achieved a lot through Australia China Entrepreneurs Dialogue. It is one of the best platforms assisting Chinese entrepreneurs to invest in Australia. I hope the Dialogue will strengthen its follow up efforts to ensure both Chinese and Australian enterprises achieve results and take short-cuts. Once again I would like to thank President Ma and Ms Wen Yang, federal government official.

Daney Xu, Chief Representative, Rifa Holding Group, Australia & NZ

I think the summit has been innovative in matching enterprises of both countries. The summit has not only created opportunities but also has assisted the government to introduce projects. I would like to thank Australia China Entrepreneurs Dialogue for all these great opportunities.

Xuejun He, General Manager, Australia, Yuhu Group

I am very pleased to have participated in the summit. Through Australia China Entrepreneurs Dialogue I have understood better the advantages of the advanced Australian agriculture and met many Chinese enterprises in Australia. We have reached cooperation agreements with some Australian companies. Hope the Dialogue may continue and develop further.

Gesheng Shen , General Manager, Huaxi Hope Group Australia

Firstly, the professional standard of the summit has impressed me. Secondly, it is more rewarding to participate in the summit than other conferences as we are interested in agriculture and food. The technologies presented (at the summit) are attractive. We shall follow up after the summit and are liaising further with CSIRO.

Futao Huang, General Manager, Shandong Luneng Group Co., LTD.

I think this summit was very successful. It is most welcomed at the time of implementing bilateral Free Trade Agreement. Such a summit will set direction for market to meet challenges such as food safety hazard. (Our participating in the summit) enabled us to gain new ideas, networked with many elite entrepreneurs in agriculture and food sectors. Meanwhile, it has given us scope for potential projects and investment.

Sunny Zeng, CEO, S.F. Commerce

"I would like to thank Australia China Entrepreneurs Dialogue for another successfully organised Australia Agri-Food Innovation Summit. The summit has not only fostered in-depth cooperation between S.F. Commerce and Australian dairy, meat and fishery enterprises, but also helped S.F. Commerce understand better Australia’s innovative technologies. It has offered S.F. Commerce new ideas."

Ms.Shaofang Xu, a member of Entrepreneur Asia who hold's 163 class Australian visa

 “Thank you for your hard work. The results are outstanding. I spoke with Ben, a speaker. We agreed that this summit was very well organised. Australian entrepreneurs came and networked with us (even though our English was very basic). The summit venue was well arranged. The volunteers had done a good job”

Ms. Qiuping Chen, a member of Entrepreneur Asia who hold's 163 class Australian visa

“Those of us running SMEs, have also benefited from the summit. I have found more reasons to love (this sector). Our minds have been opened. In the past all we knew were general ideas about good food and good milk. After participating in the summit and hearing the speeches by the specialists we have now learnt the “real stuff!”

A Chief of a well-know enterprise, who wishes to remain anonymous

A Chief of a well-know enterprise, who wishes to remain anonymous, has talked about his feeling about participating in Australia China Entrepreneurs Dialogue: "we have been in Australia for many years and are familiar with government, “Big Four” accounting firms, “Big Four” banks, and renowned law firms. We have been members of some elite chambers of commerce. However, we have never had the opportunity to get involved in such projects as the Dialogue has provided. For many years we have been offered promotion of farms, businesses. It is the Dialogue that has offered us 'core competitive' projects."