As an extended event of ACED’s conferences, Executive Training Program offers Chinese executives or senior managers who are interested in exploring or expanding Australian market with an education opportunity to understand the market, regulation and culture, and to develop actionable strategy of running a business in Australia.

This program will be customised and flexible with various courses and methods:
• Small seminars
• Case study
• Site visits
• Business matching
• Networking events with Australian local company representatives
• Etc.

Also it will be industrial focused:
• Livestock
• Clean energy
• Real estate
• Wineries
• Chinese medicine
• Etc.

We corporate with Australian universities, government departments and agencies, professional training institutes and local companies, who are willing to provide their knowledge and resources to help Chinese executives and also want to build the connection with them.

If you are interested in joining this program as a partner to provide site visit opportunities or simply participating business matching or networking events, you are more than welcome to contact us to discuss further:

March 1, 2016