Innovation and Incubation

We select innovation projects and incubate to be the real business. Currently, CSIRO and other research institutes had join us, and you are welcome to be with us too if you had any talent ideas, whether you are Australian or business migration.
Image of human hands during discussion of business plans

The Program

We will work with you weekly to advise and coach you towards your goal of business validation and hyper growth. Throughout the program we'll bring in subject matter experts as well as people that have been where you are and solved the same types of problems you're experiencing.

Matching you to mentors

We'll grow your business super fast, by matching you up to the people who are best placed to help you. We have a pool of volunteer mentors that from startups, corporates, service providers.


We bring the investor to innovation. Investors who join our demo events, are most from China, such as Alibaba, New Hope, and other investment companies, business migrants, and other venture capitals in Australia.